Friday, June 4, 2010


Heres a few examples of people using QR codes for a variety of different purposes

This code is in Times Square and informers zappers of what they can do about the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Calvin Klein billboard, USA

I scanned it and got Bono (naturally). How 'bout you

This is a promotional campaign for a huge condominium project in Chicago.

These codes were photographed in Times Square. It is a prmotional campaign for the City of New York

Qr Code made out of Heineken bottle caps

Movie marketing campaign for the movie Inception, the code on the inside of the box directs people to a 'Conspiracy' website based on the film

Bogus crop circles are yesterdays farm fun. Now its all about the tech.

An architect was commisioned for the Saudis to imagine what a fully QRified next level building would like like. Will it ever get built, who knows? But damned cool, no?

Google swag at a tech conference. One shirt = 5 different physical hyperlinks. Not too shabby

Folks got it into their heads to make a QR code out of sand, water and a bathing beauty. Evidently there was some trouble due to shadowing and whatnot but I think it goes to show the diversity of QR that they even thought about trying it. And did I mention the bathing beauty?

Super cool. QRified book. Want more information about something on the page, click the QR with your mobile and get the information.

I dont have much to say about QRified cupcakes other than "HEY! QRified CUPCAKES!"

The N Building in Japan. Huge QR on the entire face of the building. Watch the video to learn more about this utterly amazing piece of Tech + Architecture.

Yeah, that's right, that's Madison Square Gardens. QR is officially mainstream when it can be seen in the same building that Rocky fought Mr. T

Shopping mall. Odd as the little thing looks when you first glance at it, I think this pic shows that it can blend nicely into a storefront

Another image of that proposed Saudi skyscraper.

Thats outside a BestBuy, which is as mainstream as it gets

Looks like a fake tattoo but there's no reason on earth not to do QR tattoos.

Chevy uses QR at a carshow. Only a matter of time before its at dealerships..

Biz cards, the simplest QR utilization. Where's yours?

Another building. Sweet sign.

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