Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Scan a QRCode

How do I scan these things?

You’ve seen the code, you understand you’re supposed to scan them but how do you do it? It’s very easy.

Scanning QR Codes isn’t just a Blackberry or iPhone thing, any “smart-phone” will do the trick. Your mobile device can scan QR Codes as long as it has each of the following:

1) access to the internet
2) the ability to download an “app” or application
3) the ability to take a picture

To acquire the “app,” direct your device to wherever it normally gets applications from:

Blackberry = “App-World” 
iPhone = “App-Store”
Android = the “App-Market”

Different brands or models have different apps that work best for that particular device, so rather than recommending one app or the other, we advise you to enter the following search-term: “QR Code Reader or Scanner.” A number of apps will then present themselves, select the app that is both highest rated and free and then download it. Once downloaded, open the application, scan the code and go mobile!


  1. nice...
    you can generate your QR code online at
    its free and works for URL, text and images

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