Sunday, September 4, 2011

Facebookin' With QR Codes

So, you went to and got yourself a hyperfunctional QR Code all tricked out and linked up to a truly excellent, fully customizable mobile webspace (or QR Space, if you're hip to the lingo) but how are you going to make use of it for your social networks? As we like to say, you can put your QR Code anywhere you have physical OR digital space, so why not Facebook or Twitter? Why not indeed! Our previous post was about how to attach a QR Code to Twitter, this baby's ALL ABOUT THE FACEBOOKIN'!

1) Your Profile Image

Download your code (at, as I might have mentioned a few times) and save it as a jpeg on your desktop then attach it as a profile image just like you would any other type of image. Easy.

2) Insert it directly into your logo banner

Sexy as hell, ain't it? Fully scannable from your desktop. By the way, it turns out my spell-checker doesn't like scannable or hyperfunctionalized. Scan worthy? Functions with the capacity to be hyper? Onwards...

3) Put it on your wall  (or a friend's wall, or a fan page, or a corporate page, or...)

And what happens when you click on the image? 


And that, friends and neighbors, is how you use your QR Code on Facebook! Did I miss anything? Comment here or shoot me a tweet @web3v0

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