Monday, September 26, 2011

Integrating Your QR Code INTO Your Logo

Alright, so you got yourself a QR Code! Good for you and welcome to the future but what's next? How do you start actually using the things? On its own, most codes look pretty much exactly the same as every other code. How do you differentiate yours, make it, well, distinctly you? How about placing it directly into your logo?

You may or may not want to place the code directly to the front of your building but you do want to have a logo file that contains your code in it for a number of reasons. Here's a few of our clients that are starting to get hip to this new way of transmitting extra information about their businesses and endeavors simply by enhancing their logos QR style!

By placing the code directly in their logo, anywhere it is displayed either online or in the physical world becomes an information jump-point for people interested in either live music or eating, so, pretty much everyone! 

If people see it, increasingly they want to scan it. Once they scan it, how you engage them further is up to you, though we have ideas and we'd love to help! And, as you already know if you're reading this blog on your mobile device, the code inside the logo actually becomes a scannable object by a secondary device!

We see alot of people trying to hide their codes away or make them really small. At QRZap we think that's missing the point. This is about engagement. Don't make people work. No reason you can't put that code out there for the world to see and also look good doing it!

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