Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why You NEED To Put That QR Code On Your Website

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario: I'm running late for a meeting (as is often the case. I'm not proud of this but it does seem to be a recurring phenomenon). Most importantly, this is a meeting with YOU and YOU want my business. How are YOU going to make my life easier? What do you have to do with me slugging back coffee and rifling through suit jackets and trying to find my keys? Well, is your QR Code very prominently displayed on the top of your website? You just made my life easier.

               You just made my life easier because I have to go to your website to ensure I have your address and contact information on hand and in my mobile device. Your page comes up and I'm about to perform that high speed hunt we've all done a million times before but I stop. I see you have a QR Code and I wonder: are you actually that smart that you have anticipated my needs so completely that all I have to do is scan the code on your webpage and all the pertinent information will leap into my cell phone? Sure enough, there's a GoogleMap linking to your office location and your phone and email in case anything else pops up on the way! You just saved me time and time, as they say, is money. Which means I think you're a pretty cool dude or dudette. 

QR Codes: Anywhere you have physical OR digital space.

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